Policy review - Draft Public Tree Management Policy 2021

Submissions closing on 31 January 2022, 05:00 PM

Fig tree

Our Tree Planting Policy - Council Reserves and Public Places was adopted in 2015 and the Tree & Vegetation Vandalism Policy was adopted in 2018: both were scheduled for review in late 2020.  

The policies have been reviewed and as both policies dealt with a similar topic - Council’s management of public trees - they were combined to form the Draft Public Tree Management Policy.

The draft policy deals with specific policy issues. Sections of previous two policies that dealt with operational matters such as guides, inspection form, species lists and general protocols were removed. Items removed that are not already available to the public will be posted on council’s website.

At the council meeting held 20 July 2021 council resolved that the Draft Public Tree Management Policy, as attached to the report will be refined through targeted stakeholder engagement and subsequently be put on public exhibition for 28 days.

Stakeholder engagement was held and further refinements made to the draft policy. We welcome our community to make public submissions on the draft policy.

Submissions must be received by 5pm Monday 31 January 2022. If making your submissions by post, please address your submission to the CEO and include reference number 21/115205.

Please note that your submission may be included in reports to Council or be made publicly available. If you wish for your name and address to be withheld you must let us know in writing.

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