Gym and group fitness

Bookings required for all fitness classes.

COVID restrictions
You must wear a mask indoors and QR code check-in.
Bookings not required for Gym area. However, please note our peak time is between 4-6pm.

All our fitness instructors are accredited and affiliated with Fitness NSW.

Minimum participant age is 13 or student enrolled in High School.

Some classes require participants to be 15 years and over.

Classes available

Class Intensity Description Suitable for


  • 30 minute circuit class
  • Held in Gymnasium
  • Includes strength, core and cardio
  • Good introduction into the gymnasium environment.

15 years and over.

Teenage specific circuits 4.30pm Monday to Thursday

Barre Easy/Mod/Hard
  • 30 minute class incorporating elements of dance and Pilates
  • Emphasis on toning your body and strengthening your core.
13 years and over
Body Step Easy/Mod/Hard
  • Non-complex step class focusing on intensity
  • May include propulsions or use of hand weights. 
15 years and over
Body Attack Mod / Hard
  • High intensity cardiovascular blitz with advanced strength work
  • It's flat out, full on and fun. One of the best ways you can get fit.
13 years and over
Body Balance Easy/Mod/Hard
  • Choreographed moves to relaxing music
  • Featuring moves from Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates
  • Focus on core strength, balance and stretching.
13 years and over
Body Pump Easy/Mod/Hard
  • Works every muscle group in the body, strengthening, conditioning and defining muscle
  • PUMP is a pre-choreographed workout using barbells with adjustable weights.
15 years and over
Body Pump Technique Easy/Mod/Hard
  • Runs 1st Sunday each month
  • Great class if you are a beginner to Pump
  • Step-by-step instructions on correct set up and technique on each move used in Pump.

15 years and over

  • 30 minutes High Intensity Interval Training using periods of short intense exercise with less intense recovery periods.
15 years and over
Group Active Easy/Mod/Hard
  • Pre-choreographed 60 min workout, consisting of muscle toning, cardio, balance and core work.
15 years and over
Health Moves Plus Easy/Mod
  • suitable for general populations as a place to start training

15 years and over

suitable for older populations

Zumba Express Easy/Mod/Hard
  • Basic moves layered into more dance flavoured moves (e.g. Salsa).
13 years and over
Body Tone Interval Easy/Mod/Hard
  • Interval training class combining body conditioning with cardio to burn fat
  • Use of resistance from equipment and body weight to help sculpt and tone those troubled areas.
15 years and over
Group Ride Easy/Mod/Hard
  • Indoor cycling class choreographed to music
  • Fantastic cardiovascular work-out
  • Perfect low impact work-out for all levels of fitness with intensity controlled by you.

Bookings essential

13 years and over

Spin Easy/Mod/Hard
  • Indoor cycling program that provides a quality non-impact workout for all fitness levels
  • Great endurance builder.

Bookings essential

13 years and over

New Body Easy/Mod/Hard
  • Low moderate impact aerobics class, using light hand weights.
15 years and over
Heart Fit Easy/Mod
  • Low to moderate exercise program suitable for anyone who hasn't done any exercise in a while
  • You can start gently in a friendly atmosphere and exercise at your own pace.

15 years and over 

suitable for older populations

TTT Easy/Mod/Hard
  • 30 minute class will help tone up your lower half - tummies, thighs and tails
13 years and over
Fight Fit Easy/Mod/Hard
  • For all levels of fitness
  • No coordination needed
  • Tone and burn fat.
13 years and over
Pilates Easy/Mod/Hard
  • Toning, stretching and strengthening in the one movement
  • Develops core stability and promotes stronger backs.
13 years and over
Bootcamp Mod/Hard
  • Designed for maximum calorie burn
  • Focus on strength, cardio, muscle endurance, core and functional movement patterns.
13 years and over
Stretch Easy/Mod/Hard
  • Help improve your flexibility and muscle recovery.
13 years and over
Yoga Easy/Mod/Hard
  • Yoga Flow. Total mind-body workout featuring cardiovascular conditioning, functional strength, flexibility, muscle balancing, relaxation and breath work.
13 years and over
Group Power Easy/Mod/Hard
  • High rep weight training using adjustable barbell, weight plates and/or body weight.
15 years and over

Gym supervisors conduct 30 minute circuit classes several times a day throughout the week.

These classes are perfect if you need extra motivation to stay on track in the gym, or if you would like to learn how to use the variety of equipment in a group environment.

Bookings are essential, maximum 8 participants per class.

To book call the Centre on (02) 4232 1877 the day before.

See our Gym brochure(PDF, 710KB) for the timetable.

Want to get fit? Lose weight? Get stronger? Rehab an injury? Learn about health & fitness?

Then our personal training program is for you. 

Our team of Fitness Australia registered personal trainers offer a wide range of specialties between them so they can cater for everyone - from young to old – from fit to unfit. We will help you set fitness goals and then work with you to achieve them!

If you want to see results – come see us!

Personal Training Brochure(PDF, 2MB)

Our Services

One-on-One sessions

  • Our experienced trainers provide tailored sessions to your individual goals and needs.
  • Our trainers' broad range of specialties mean we can cater for everybody in our community.
  • To book a one-on-one session please see the gym supervisor on duty.

Personal fitness programming

  • Our personalised fitness programs provide you with everything you need to achieve your specific goals in the gym.
  • Programs provide in-depth detail on techniques and workouts, accompanied with a professional plan for long term goals.
  • Re-assessments are available so you are provided with the necessary steps to advance your training.

Fitness assessments and testing

  • Our trainers can assess your fitness level using various testing methods.
  • Fitness assessments and testing include body fat percentage, strength, cardio, speed, power and flexibility.
  • You'll be provided with data on where you are at and where you should be according to your fitness goal and needs.
  • Re-testing is available to keep track of your progress.

Personal Training
1 x 30 minute session
1 x 45 minute session
5 x Session Voucher 45 minute session   
 Youth session*  $36
Programs and Assessments
Initial Personalised Program
Re-assessment of Personalised Program  

Personal training session fees include entry into gym/hall or other Kiama Leisure Centre facilities.

*Youth sessions: must be 16yrs or under

Pete Parkinson, Personal Trainer

Pete Parkinson


  • sports specific training
  • rehabilitation
  • weight loss

Pete is a well-renowned local personal trainer with over 20 years' experience.

His motivational and friendly attitude accompanied by his incredible background in sports training makes him a great asset to our team and your number 1 pick for sports fitness and rehabilitation.

Dave Todd, Personal Trainer

David Todd


  • boxing
  • lifestyle coaching

Dave has been with the Leisure Centre for 11 years and has trained here since he was a teenager.

Dave preaches a balanced lifestyle to maintain long term results.

His background in amateur boxing gives him a great foundation in teaching the sport, from boxing fitness to 'in the ring' skills and techniques.