Membership and fees

Membership types


Single or Family memberships


Applicable to any valid pension, health care, concession and seniors card holder. A valid card must be sighted


Off-Peak memberships can only be used between 10am and 4pm.
Applies to 12 month memberships only.

Local student

Applicable to full-time students living in the Kiama municipality.

Valid full-time student and resident status must be sighted.

Membership length

  • Monthly* - our monthly membership is payable only via direct debit with the first month payable upon signup
  • Yearly -  our 12 month membership with two payment options (via upfront payment in full or direct debit monthly instalments) 

* monthly memberships have a minimum three (3) months sign up or early exit fees are charged

Payment options

Pay in full - memberships may be paid in full

Direct Debit - minimum three (3) month term up to 12 months with the option to roll over upon expiry
*note early exit fees apply if under three (3) months


Our Gold membership includes full access to pool area, gym and aerobic classes, including aqua.

  • swimming
  • spa
  • sauna
  • gym use
  • circuit, aerobic, and aqua aerobic classes
  • locker
  • selected school programs free or discounted
  • use of kick-boards, noodles, back-bubbles
  • half-price personal fitness programs.

A child-minding membership can be added to a Gold membership.

Family memberships are not available on Gold memberships.

Our Silver membership provides access to the gym and all dry-land group fitness classes.


  • gym use
  • circuit and group fitness classes
  • locker
  • 50% of selected primary school programs in gym
  • half-price personal fitness programs.

Child-minding membership can be added to your Silver membership.

Our Bronze membership gives you access to the pool, spa and sauna.

It does not include Aqua aerobics classes.


  • swimming
  • spa
  • sauna
  • locker
  • a discount off full-priced 1 hour aqua classes 
  • 50% off selected primary school programs in the pool
  • free hire of kick-boards, noodles and back bubbles.

To access Aqua classes you will need a Gold membership.

Childminding membership can be added to your Bronze membership.

Child-minding can be added to any of our memberships.

To support our Fitness Passport members we'd like to offer you the option to purchase a 12 month child minding membership. This can be purchased via an upfront payment or monthly direct debit. Enquire at Reception.

Membership terms and conditions are subject to change at the discretion of Centre Management.