Developer contributions

  Notice of Intention to repeal three Section 7.11 contribution plans.

 Published 27 November 2023.

In accordance with clause 215 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2021 and the resolution of council made on 21 November 2023, notice is hereby given that in 14 days council intends to repeal the following contributions plans:

  • Section 7.11 Contribution Plan No. 1 – Municipal Wide
  • Section 7.11 Contribution Plan No. 2 – Northern Region
  • Section 7.11 Contribution Plan No. 3 – Southern Region

Reason for repeal: The section 7.11 contribution plans are being repealed as part of the contribution framework review currently being undertaken by council. Once repealed, the  current adopted section 7.12 contribution plan will apply to all application determinations.

Note, any modifications will continue to be levied in accordance with the contribution plan that applied at the date of determination.



Development contributions are funds a developer pays.

They are applied to a development as a condition of consent when it is likely to create an increase in demand for public facilities such as:

  • roads
  • recreation
  • community facilities.

The funds we collect may only be spent on the facilities described in our Contribution Plans.

Our adopted Contribution Plans detail how contributions are levied.

How to pay

Step 1.Check your conditions of consent

Your consent authority will let you know if you need to pay a contribution.

Step 2.Pay over the phone

Phone Customer Service on 02 42320444 to pay via Credit 

Step 3.Pay in person

Pay at our Customer Service Centre by credit card or cash.