Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2017-2021

Council's Disability Inclusion Action Plan(PDF, 1MB)

Easy Read Accessibility Information

How to use this guide

We made this guide to help you work out places in the Kiama Local Government Area that are accessible.

When something is accessible, it means you can enter a place or building. Or, you can use a service or get information. We have worked out how accessible places are and put them in different groups.

These groups are:

  •  easy – accessible
  •  medium – you might need help from someone else
  •  hard – you will need help from someone else
  •  not accessible.

You might find some places easier or harder to get to than what this guide says. Not all places will be fully accessible. This guide will help you decide if a place is accessible to you.

Text that is blue and underlined is linked to more information.

Kiama LGA Easy Read Accessibility Guide(PDF, 32MB)

Divided Towns and Villages

Gerringong(PDF, 9MB)

Kiama(PDF, 16MB)

Minnamurra & Kiama Downs(PDF, 6MB)

Jamberoo(PDF, 6MB)

Gerroa(PDF, 6MB)

The terms 'Accessible' and 'Mobility Access' are used to indicate accessible features of identified facilities. They are not intended to describe the facilities and features as fully compliant with the requirements of the Disability (Access to Premises) Standard 2010, the Building Code of Australia and/or related Access and Mobility Australian Standards.



NDIS Local Area Coordinators help people with a disability to develop and coordinate their support plans. 

Contact the NDIS on 1800 800 110 or visit the NDIS website to:

register for the service and/or check your eligibility to receive NDIS funded services.

If you would like local assistance to navigate the NDIS, please phone Blue Haven Care on (02) 4203 4055


More information on disability services can be found on Blue Haven Care's website.