Ceasing of the Annual OK organics compost giveaway

As of October 2022, Council’s food and garden organics processing contract was awarded to Re.Group Pty Ltd.

All of our food and garden organics collected through the urban kerbside green lid bin and green waste dropped off at our Minnamurra Waste and Recycling Facility, is transported to Re.Group’s processing facility located at Dunmore.

As a result of this new contract, the annual compost giveaway will no longer be held as the product produced by Re.Group is only suitable for land rehabilitation works and not home gardens.

Since the start of our food and garden organics (FOGO) service, more than 10 years ago, you have diverted more than 45,000 tonnes of compostable material from landfill which is equivalent to 85,500 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.  This is equivalent to 7,633,928 days of electricity consumption for one household!

This is a great achievement and we thank you for your continued efforts in filling your green lid bin with compostable waste.