Onsite Sewage Management Facilities


You must apply to install an onsite sewage management facility if you:

  • are planning to build a new residence in an area not serviced by Sydney Water 

Complete the form:

Or if you wish to modify your existing onsite sewage management:

Complete the form:

Read the NSW Office of Local Government's guide:


Onsite sewage management facilities are assessed as either:

  • high risk or
  • low risk.

Facilities are assessed based on their proximity to waterways, soil types and flood risk.

They are inspected to ensure they are operating effectively and not affecting human health or the environment.

Our Environmental Health Officers inspect:

  • high risk facilities annually
  • low risk facilities every four years.

A Certificate of Audit and and Approval to Operate (for 1 or 4 years) is issued if your facility is compliant.

If your facility is not compliant our Environmental Health Officer will discuss how to fix the problem.

Water pollution complaints

Our Environmental Health Officers and Ranger Services Officers investigate complaints Council receives about water pollution.

For a water pollution offence they can issue:

  • clean up notices
  • prevention notices
  • penalty infringement notices.

The Office of Environment & Health investigates complaints about water pollution from scheduled premises and activities.