Temporary Food Stalls & Mobile Food Vans


Operating on public land

There are 2 main forms of mobile vending:

  • the use of a vehicle which can move from place to place
  • temporary stalls or stands used for food produce - commonly associated with markets.

Mobile food vans

Mobile vending within the Kiama Municipality requires an annual mobile food van licence.  This involves completing a  Mobile Food Van Registration form and undergoing a vehicle inspection.  

A mobile food van must comply with Development Control Plan 2012  Chapter 17 - Mobile Food Vans & Temporary Food Stalls and our Guidelines for the use and hire of public land which has specific requirements relating to operating Mobile Food Vans on public land.

The NSW Food Authority has a Mobile Food Vending Guideline which provides comprehensive and concise information.

Temporary food stalls

To operate a temporary food stall within the Kiama Municipality you must apply for a temporary food stall permit.  A Temporary Food Stall Application should be completed and submitted to Council. If you wish to trade within the Kiama Municipal Council, please submit your application 21 days prior to the event/ markets that you wish to trade at. 

When trading as part of a market an individual temporary food stall does not require a separate permit to hire the reserve in which the market is being held.

Kiama Tourism provides information on the location and frequency of local markets, and the contact details of all market managers.

A Guideline for food businesses at temporary events is available for all potential stall holders.  This guide is provided by the NSW Food Authority.

Street stalls

If you are planning on selling food at a street stall in the Municipality you will need to apply for a temporary food stall permit.  You should also contact Council to reserve an allocated space for your stall. 

Food Standards Australia & New Zealand provide a range of fact sheets specifically for charities and community organisations, a couple of which are listed below: