Bathroom waste


Personal hygiene items   red-lid-bin_5596907866737055142.jpg   

Please wrap in paper or plastic bag and dispose in red lid garbage bin:

  • cotton balls/buds/pads
  • disposable razors
  • sanitary pads and tampons

Tissues  green-lid-bin_2638607080245747988.JPG   compost-worm-bokashi-icon_8361902305302600134.png   

Soiled tissues can be placed in the green lid organics bin or your own home composting system.

Toothbrushes   red-lid-bin_5596907866737055142.jpg   business-recyling-icon_1986091949703068917.png photo of a pile of used toothbrushes

Re-use your toothbrush as the ultimate cleaning tool:

  • small items such as jewellery, cheese grater
  • clean your bike or chainsaw chain
  • clean your disposable razor to increase it's life span
  • shelf edges or around drains in the sink or shower
  • removing tough stains from clothing. Put a little soap or stain remover on the stain and use the toothbrush to scrub the offending spot.

Toothpaste and floss containers, sunscreen and other tubes red-lid-bin_5596907866737055142.jpg   business-recyling-icon_1986091949703068917.png

Most tubes (toothpaste, sunscreen, moisturiser, shampoo etc.) are made from laminates and are NOT acceptable in the recycling bin, so please place them in your red lid garbage bin.  However, the cardboard packaging should always be placed in your yellow lid recycling bin.

Terracycle accepts tubes, as well as other bathroom waste products such as toothbrushes and floss containers, and recycling them into plastic items.

Gerringong Public School is a registered drop off point for Terracycle.