CDs, DVDs, cassettes & cases


Where to dispose...   

 CDs / DVDs  op-shop-trolley-icon_4319091615685142414.png  shellharbour-city-council-logo_3116193417761545060.png  red-lid-bin_5596907866737055142.jpg

CDs and DVDs are made from polycarbonate and acrylic plastics along with a reflective layer of aluminium and generally come with a label - a complex mix to break apart and of compact discs in a row

Old CDs and DVDs that are still usable can be donated to charity, given to friends, or sold.

If your CDs/DVDs are scratched and un-usable, they could be used for craft projects or taken to the recycling collection points at Shellharbour Council's Administration Centre at Lamerton House, or their Resource Recovery Centre at Dunmore. If none of this is possible, dispose of them in your red lid garbage bin.


Cassettes / VHS Tapes   op-shop-trolley-icon_5239234133602704311.png   red-lid-bin_5596907866737055142.jpg

 You could recycle your old cassettes/tapes, if they are still worth viewing or listening to, by:

  • donating them to charity shops, day-care facilities or aged care facilities
  • selling them
  • giving your tapes to someone else.

When donating the tapes, ensure that the intended recipients have a need for them. If you have exhausted all these options then place these in your red lid garbage bin.

Cases red-lid-bin_5596907866737055142.jpg

Empty cases from CDs, DVDs, or tapes should go in the red lid garbage bin.  Although a rigid plastic, they are not a container or packaging from the kitchen, laundry or bathroom, so therefore are not accepted in the yellow lid recycling bin.