Clothes and fabric


Where to dispose...

Clothes  op-shop-trolley-icon_4319091615685142414.png   red-lid-bin_3127941682660100354.jpg

If your clothes are in a reasonable condition, donate them to charity or place in your local charity bins. Local charities that will accept old clothing include:

Business name Address Contact details
Saint Vincent de Paul 80 Terralong Street, Kiama  (02) 4232 2656
Salvation Army   131 640
Anglicare   132 622
Lifeline Kiama Upstairs in Centrepoint Arcade,106 Terralong Street, Kiama (02) 4232 1496
Mayflower Nearly New

Shop front - 102 Fern Street, Gerringong

Warehouse drop off (Tuesdays 8am to 12 noon) - Cnr Rowlins Road & Belinda Street, Gerringong

(02) 4234 1696


A list of other options is available at


Fabric/textiles and wool   op-shop-trolley-icon_4319091615685142414.png   red-lid-bin_3127941682660100354.jpg

Consider giving away any surplus fabric or wool in good condition to your local charity shop or preschool/childcare centre/school for craft supplies. You could also investigate local sewing and knitting groups who often make items to donate to less fortunate people. If the fabric is not in good condition you can use it for rags or as a last resort place in your red lid landfill bin.


Shoes   op-shop-trolley-icon_4319091615685142414.png   red-lid-bin_3127941682660100354.jpg

pair of old sneakers

If your unwanted shoes are in good condition, consider donating them to your local charity shop. Shoes in poor condition should be placed in your red-lid landfill bin.

You can also donate your shoes to "shoes for planet earth" a charity that works with local and international communities to provide recycled running shoes to those in need around the world. If you have a pair of shoes that do not have broken backs, broken or missing soles and no holes then consider donating them to this organisation. Click here to find out how.   

Rags/cleaning cloths   red-lid-bin_3127941682660100354.jpg

All soiled cleaning cloths should be disposed of in the red lid landfill bin.