Glass bottles and jars  photo of yellow lid recycling bin   photo of collection of empty glass bottles

Most glass jars and bottles can be recycled.

To dispose of glass bottles or jars which contained products from the kitchen, bathroom and laundry (such as a soft-drink bottles, wine or beer bottles, cosmetics, medicine or condiment jars), place them in the yellow lid recycling bin.

To prepare glass for recycling, make sure containers are empty, remove any lids or caps (see metal or plastic sections for disposal options for these), and give them a quick rinse if you like. To conserve water, wash bottles and jars in used dishwater or in a bucket with other recyclable items.  They don't need to be squeaky clean.

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Types of glass that cannot be recycled includes:

  • broken windowsA variety of glass vases and drinking glasses
  • broken mirrors
  • windscreen glass
  • drinking glasses
  • oven-proof or heat-treated glass (e.g. Corningware, Pyrex or Visionware)
  • light globes
  • white opaque bottles
  • laboratory and medical glass
  • pane glass


See the section on light globes for their appropriate disposal. All other types of glass, if broken, should be wrapped in paper and disposed of in the red lid garbage bin.  If still usable, they can be taken to a charity store, the Dunmore Revolve Store or the Berry Buyback Centre.

When you recycle, please don't include china, ceramics, or stoneware in with your glass bottles and jars.  Glass needs to be extremely pure to be melted down and recycled, and contamination with these other materials can lead to the rejection of thousands of bottles and jars collected for recycling.