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With the sale of incandescent light globes having been phased out in Australia, there is a need to consider the increased volume of compact fluorescent light globes (CFLs) entering the waste stream. There have been a number of stories relating to the mercury content of CFL light globes, and the predicted effects of the increased volume of CFL light globes going to landfill, so we have chosen to be proactive in our approach to dealing with this issue.

We offer a lamp recycling service at our Minnamurra Waste and Recycling Facility for residents to recycle their burnt out incandescent, CFL and fluorescent tubes.

What happens to them?

The CFL and fluorescent tube recycling process sees the old light globes / tubes collected, crushed into 44 gallon drums and sent to Victoria for separation into their metal, glass and phosphor powder components.image of cfl and incandescent light bulb

The phosphor powder is put in a still where the mercury is drawn out, after which it is sent to the dental association to be used in dental amalgams, thermometers or in the production of more light globes.

The glass is recycled into materials such as insulation batts and the inert phosphor powder is used as a bulking agent for fertilisers.

It is also very important to buy good quality energy efficient light globes, as the mercury content in various globes can vary immensely; anywhere from 2mg up to 60mg. Check with a lighting specialist which globes and fluorescent tubes have guaranteed low mercury levels.

LED light globes are another highly energy efficient option now readily available.

For more information on the lamp recycling service you can call the Minnamurra Waste and Recycling Facility - (02) 4237 5148.