Aluminium Foil photo of yellow lid recycling binphoto of aluminium products including foil and cans

You can recycle aluminium foil and foil trays by placing them in your yellow lid recycling bin. Please empty as much food as possible from the foil.  Scrunch foil together at least as big as a tennis ball to allow it to be easily extracted at the sorting facility.

It's important to note that items such as chip packets are not made of aluminium foil, but of metalised plastic film. You can tell that they are plastic rather than foil as they do not hold their shape when scrunched into a ball. Therefore, they belong in the red lid garbage bin.

Aluminium cans  photo of yellow lid recycling bin  Logo of NSW EPA Return & Earn

Aluminium cans can be put in the yellow lid recycling bin.

Alternatively, collect eligible containers and take them to a return point to earn 10 cents per container. This refund can be received in the form of a retail voucher, electronic refund to a PayPal account, or you can donate your refund to a Donation Partner. Find your nearest 'Reverse Vending Machine' at Return & Earn.

A variety of tops from bottles of wine

Aluminium bottle tops  photo of yellow lid recycling bin

Aluminium lids that you may find on glass bottles (i.e. wine) are too small to be recycled on their own. However, if you place them inside an aluminium can or scrunch them inside a ball of aluminium foil they can be put in the yellow lid recycling bin.  You can tell if a lid is made of aluminium by using a magnet - if it doesn't stick to the magnet, it is made of aluminium.

Steel cans and lids  photo of yellow lid recycling bin Good_to_recyc_cans[1]_7620814384782311518.jpg

Steel cans from the kitchen, bathroom or laundry are accepted for recycling such as food, coffee and aerosol cans.

 Remove plastic lids from steel cans and place these separately in the recycling bin. 

Steel bottle tops and jar lids can also be recycled, but as they are small, it is best to put them inside a steel can. You can tell if a lid is made of steel by using a magnet - if it does stick to the magnet, it is made of steel.

To prepare food cans for recycling: A tin can with steel jar lids inside it.

  • make sure the can is empty
  • place any lids inside the can
  • press the can flat near the top of the can to keep the lids in
  • place the cans in the yellow lid recycling bin.

There is no need to take labels off cans.  These will be removed during the recycling process.  

Scrap metal  Symbol of three open top boxes with an arrow pointing into each and the words

The Community Recycling Centre at Minnamurra Waste & Recycling Facility accepts scrap metal for free e.g. motor vehicles, white goods, hot water systems, stainless steel, copper, brass, lead, aluminium etc.  This includes any appliance or item that contains at least 75% metal components.