Milk crates


Where to return...  business-recyling-icon_1850084932971878360.png

Milk crates remain the property of the company they came from. Several dairy product companies have programs to facilitate the return of their milk crates.image of blue milk crate

The aim of these programs is to return as many of their crates back into the system, limit the number of crates taken out for unauthorised use and reduce the number of replacement crates the companies are required to purchase.

For example, every day approximately 2,000 milk crates are taken out of the Dairy Farmers system - which equates to 60,000 a month, 720,000 a year or over 650 semi-trailer loads full!

Who to contact

If you have milk crates to return (or to report where you have seen crates), first check the company name on the crate.

For Dairy Farmers crates call 1800 000 570.  Dairy Farmers will arrange for pick up or drop off of the crate.

For Pauls/Parmalat crates call 1800 556 390.