Bin it!  red-lid-bin_168354622621846847.jpg

Disposable nappies CANNOT be recycled or composted. They should be placed in the garbage bin.  Disposable nappies are made from various materials, including non-biodegradable plastics and they take centuries to break down. Even disposable nappies that claim to be 'eco' will still break down very slowly in landfill.  Did you know that an average baby uses over 5,000 nappies before toilet training?

modern cloth nappy with press studsOne way to reduce the amount of disposable nappies you throw away is using reusable cloth nappies as an alternative or supplement. Modern cloth nappies are much more user friendly than they used to be. Gone are the days of soaking, folding, pins and plastic pants. Modern cloth nappies have elasticised sides, waterproof layers, press studs or velcro and do not need soaking.  Search for modern cloth nappies on the Internet to see how many options there are these days.  As well as avoiding lots of waste, they can also save you money.

For more information about cloth nappies visit  You can also check these reviews by Australian parents of different cloth nappy brands.