Paper products


Cardboard - recyclable photo of yellow lid recycling bin    pizza box

Most cardboard items can be recycled in your household recycling bin. This includes tissue boxes, egg cartons, pizza boxes (provided there are no food scraps in them), paper plates, cereal boxes, biscuit boxes and toilet roll tubes and paper towel tubes

 A variety of empty tetra pak and liquid paper board drink and food cartonsCartons that contained liquids are also recyclable, such as liquid paperboard or Tetra Pak milk and juice cartons (both from the fridge and long-life

Large quantities of cardboard and paper can be recycled free of charge at the Minnamurra Waste & Recycling Facility.

Cardboard - non-recyclable  red-lid-bin_168354622621846847.jpg Brown cardboard takeaway coffee cup without a lid

Waxed cardboard (like fruit boxes) cannot be recycled and must be disposed of in your red lid landfill bin.

Plastic-coated cardboard, such as paper coffee cups (which have a plastic or polymer lining) are not recyclable.  These should be disposed of in the red lid garbage bin.  Empty cardboard can of drinking chocolate with Oxfam Australia written across the top and plastic lid next to it.

Cardboard tube cans with a metal base such as Pringles packaging are not recyclable as they are a composite of several types of materials (i.e. cardboard, metal and plastic). These materials cannot easily be separated from each other for recycling.  See the plastic section for options on recycling the lids.

Cards  photo of yellow lid recycling bin

Birthday, Christmas, Get Well and other greeting cards made of paper or cardboard can be recycled in your yellow lid recycling bin at home.  Alternatively use the cards for craft projects, or donate to local child care centres/schools for their craft projects.

Paper products - recyclable   yellow-lid-bin_2475596810806169571.png   

The following items are recyclable and can be placed in your yellow lid recycling bin:   A pile of paper and cardboard items which can be recycled, such as envelopes, flattened boxes, egg cartons and paper tube.

  • drawings (on paper)
  • invoices and forms 
  • manilla folders
  • envelopes (plain and window)
  • photocopy paper
  • writing pads
  • magazines
  • newspapers
  • wrapping paper
  • telephone books

Don't worry about staples or small amounts of sticky tape on your paper products.  These will be separated out in the recycling process.

Paper products - non-recyclable   green-lid-bin_2638607080245747988.JPG    compost-worm-bokashi-icon_8361902305302600134.png  red lid garbage bin Green tissue box with several scrunched up used tissues beside it

Tissues and paper towel cannot be recycled, as the fibres are too short and they also often contains glues and chemical fragrances. They can be disposed of in the green lid organics bin or home composted.

Shredded paper is too fine to be easily separated from all the other recyclables, so should not be put in the yellow lid bin.  Instead, put it in the green lid bin or in your own compost as it is a great source of carbon.

Waxed or plastic-coated paper cannot be recycled or composted and should go in the red lid garbage bin.

What else can be composted?   compost-worm-bokashi-icon_8361902305302600134.png

Egg cartons and pizza bases can be collected, moistened and put into compost. Shredded newspaper is also fantastic but glossy magazines should not be put in any compost.  These "browns" from paper products provide carbon-rich material in your compost that add aeration to the pile and structure to your compost. They break down more slowly, so it's a good idea to chop them up fairly small if you're able to.