Vacuum cleaner dust


Try composting it   compost-worm-bokashi-icon_1003130282699203221.png   green-lid-bin_1529996742569889698.JPG   red-lid-bin_168354622621846847.jpg orange vacuum cleaner with a pile of dust in front of it

Vacuum cleaner dust can be added to your compost bin.  As most household dust is comprised of human skin particles, hair etc., most of it will decompose. However, the synthetic fibres found in many modern carpets will not decompose and will be present in the finished compost. The biggest problem is that vacuum cleaner dust is very dry and may soak up moisture from the compost bin, disturbing the balance. So, if possible soak the vacuum dust well with water first if it is being added to the compost bin.  

If you live in an urban zone of Kiama municipality, you can put vacuum dust in your green lid organics bin (as long as it is relatively free of plastic or synthetic particles).

Otherwise, wrap in newspaper or in a plastic bag and place it in your red lid garbage bin.