Managing land

bulldozer working on dirt pile minnamurraCouncil plays an important role in the management of land within the Kiama Municipality. Specifically for environmental management we have legislative obligations under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997, the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and the Contaminated Land Management Act 1997 to ensure harm to the environment is minimised, and the health and safety of the public is protected.

Overgrown land

If you are being affected by an overgrown vacant parcel of land nearby, you can contact our Customer Services on (02) 4232 0444 or log your problem using our online form.  You will need to identify the location of the property and provide us with details of the issue. The action request will be forwarded to our Ranger Services and an inspection will be undertaken. If our Rangers determine that action is required to clean and clear the site, the owner(s) may be served with a Notice of Intention to Give an Order. The Notice will identify the circumstances for serving the proposed order and also the terms of the proposed order.

Contaminated land

When land that has previously been used for industrial, commercial or rural purposes is reclaimed for more sensitive uses, such as housing, there is the risk that the land may be contaminated. Certain activities have the potential to cause land contamination. The degree to which the land has been contaminated as a result of the former activity must be determined and any necessary remediation should be carried out prior to any re-development. Council deals with contamination under the planning and development framework including State Environmental Planning Policy No. 55 - Remediation of Land and the Managing Land Contamination Planning Guidelines (EPA 1998).

Environmental licences

Minnamurra and Gerroa landfills are closed.

As a result, we are responsible for quarterly monitoring and annual reporting of surface and groundwater at each site.

Acid sulfate soils

Acid Sulfate Soils (ASS) generally occur in low lying and flat locations which are often flood prone or swampy. ASS is the common name given to soils containing iron sulfides. In Australia, the ASS of most concern are those which formed within the past 10,000 years, after the last major sea level rise. More...

Erosion and sedimentation

When it rains, huge volumes of sediment are washed into waterways from the exposed soil of land cleared for housing, industry, roads and other infrastructure. More...