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The Kiama Municipality has a number of river and creek systems that are parts of large catchments such as the Macquarie Rivulet, Minnamurra River, Werri Lagoon, Crooked River and Shoalhaven River catchments, as well as numerous small streams draining directly to the ocean.

The main impacts on water quality are from pollutants, including litter carried by stormwater runoff, untreated sewage/effluent entering waterways from on-site sewerage management systems and overflows or bypasses at sewage treatment plants and agricultural runoff.

Regulation of water pollution

Our Environmental Health Officers and Ranger Services officers investigate complaints we receive relating to water pollution, and the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage investigates complaints regarding water pollution from scheduled premises and activities.

Clean up notices, prevention notices or penalty infringement notices for water pollution offences may be issued by these officers under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997.

On-site sewage management facilities

The management of domestic waste water and sewage is important for the health of the community and for the natural environment.

All on-site sewage management facilities have been risk-classified based on their proximity to waterways, soil types and flood risk.


Stormwater runoff can carry many pollutants from diffuse sources including nutrients, sediments and gross pollutants.

Stormwater management in the Kiama Municipality is important to not only protect the ecosystems where the stormwater discharges, but to also stop stormwater systems from becoming clogged and overflowing.

Coastal and estuary management

The Municipality has two estuaries - Minnamurra River estuary in the north and Crooked River estuary in the south.

Management Plans are developed regularly to ensure the health of these important waterways are maintained.

Flood studies

Information, maps and reports on Council's flood studies.

Beach health

Council participates in the Beachwatch Program, coordinated by the Office of Environment & Heritage and Sydney Water Corporation.

The program monitors water quality at various beaches throughout the Municipality and NSW.

What we are doing

We are currently involved in the following water efficiency projects:

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