Sustainable Gardening


What can you do?

Bokashi bucket and grainBokashi 

This eco-friendly composting system is designed to be used in the kitchen.  Bokashi is a practical and convenient alternative for transforming kitchen waste into a nutrient rich soil conditioner. This unique composting system uses the revolutionary EM (Effective Micro-Organism) Bokashi to create the ideal conditions for airtight (anaerobic) composting.

woman emptying scraps in compost binComposting

When you throw vegetable scraps and gardening waste into your garbage bin it costs you and the environment. Find out how you can reduce the amount of waste going to landfill by setting up your own composting heap at home. Find out what can and cannot be composted, where to purchase compost bins and problem-solving techniques.

chickens in backyardKeeping chooks

Keeping chooks can help your household to live more sustainably. Chooks recycle kitchen scraps into fertilisers and provide the added bonus of laying fresh eggs.

worm farmWorm farming

Worm farming is a form of composting, using worms to eat your fruit and vegetable scraps. Worm farming is ideal for people living in flats, units or houses with small backyards since little area is needed. Find out more about how to set up your own worm farm and where to purchase worm farms and compost worms.

gardening workshopWorkshops

Want to learn more about home composting? Then click here to register at any of the free home composting workshops open to residents of the Kiama Municipality.