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About backyard chickensbackyard chickens

As well as being wonderful pets, keeping chickens in your backyard is a great way to:

  • help manage pests in the garden
  • produce healthy, nutritious food at your backdoor
  • recycle your food scraps
  • support ethical food production by having happy, healthy chooks
  • reconnect people and children to the source of their foods (yes, eggs come from chickens!)
  • help maintain the genetic diversity of chooks. Traditional breeds can be chosen for characteristics of egg laying, meat, friendliness or even digging up the garden.

Regulations about poultry houses are set out in the Local Government General Regulation 2005 Schedule 2.

There are many different kinds of chickens, and the right chook for you depends on how much space you have for them, and what characteristics you are looking for (whether that be a good egg layer, or an easy to handle chook that's good with kids).

Like all animals, chickens need proper care, so be sure to do some research into appropriate housing, feeding and care before bringing chooks home. 


Fact sheets:

Books (remember to also check our local library!):

  • Backyard Poultry Naturally by Alanna Moore
  • Jackie French's Chook Book
  • Chook Wisdom by Earth Garden

Helpful websites: