The Pelican Story Project


The storyphoto of pelican statue situated at Kiama Harbour

The Kiama Pelican Story Project serves as a constant reminder to the community and visitors that when they litter in the streets, it has a direct impact on the local marine life. The Pelican Story was based on the case of a pelican eating some plastic bags and being found dead in Kiama Harbour. The project involves many other organisations and individuals who help us make it successful.

The project involved several components including: erection of a pelican statue at Kiama Harbour; development of Kiama pelican calico bags, brochures and school activity sheets; promotion of the Kiama Pelican Story at local events; and talks to various community groups.

The bronze-mix statue was made by artist Tim Johnman and was erected at Kiama Harbour in December 2002. The plaque underneath the statue explains the Pelican Story and asks the community to protect our bird and marine life by disposing of all litter properly. A second identical transportable statue was also produced to use as an educational tool for visits to shopping centres, schools and at environmental events.

Kiama pelican calico bags are sold at the Council Administration Centre and Kiama Visitors Centre as an alternative to plastic bags.

The Kiama Pelican Story brochure tells the story of how this project came about.