Digital books & audio


A library in the palm of your hand

ebooks.jpgWhether you're stranded without a book in the middle of the night or travelling on the other side of the world, our eLibrary makes it easy for you to browse, borrow, read and listen anywhere, any time. 

Borrowing e-books and e-audio is similar to borrowing a book from the library. If someone else has it you can reserve it and get your copy when it gets returned. If you haven’t finished it after your loan period you can renew it, and if you finish it early you can return it and get another one. Otherwise it simply vanishes from your device when the borrowing period expires, so there's no need to worry about your items becoming overdue.


Log in with your library card

Library card 1.JPGAll our eLibrary services require you to log in with your Kiama Library card. Your password is your date of birth in 8 digits. If you cannot successfully log in please contact the Library on (02) 4233 1133.

Not a library member? Join online.



BorrowBox_Gateway_mini_RHS.jpgBorrowBox is an Australian e-books and e-audio library full of thousands of your favourite books. Get started by downloading the BorrowBox app via App Store or Playstore, use your Kiama Library card to set up your account, then start browsing. If you want to use BorrowBox on Kindle Fire, here's how. For more information on how to use BorrowBox, watch this youtube video.


RB Digital

logo_RBdigital_150RB Digital is our new combined ebook, audiobook and full-color digital magazines platform. Our collection of popular digital magazines includes both popular new and backlist titles with no holds, no checkout periods, and no limits.

Get started by downloading the RB Digital app via App Store for iOS devices, Playstore for Android, or Amazon for Kindle Fire. Next, use your Kiama Library card to set up your account, then start browsing. For more information on how to set up RB Digital, watch this youtube video.



Storybox-341x250StoryBox is a collection of more than 200 of our favourite Australian children's stories and picture books, read by our best storytellers - sportspeople, musicians, grandparents, teenagers, comedians and actors . Help children journey to that uniquely precious place, the wilds of their own imagination, with StoryBox.