Bombo Headland Quarry

bombo-headland-quarryWith the booming trade in blue metal, quarries opened up at sites outside Kiama such as Bombo. A jetty was completed at Bombo in 1882 and steam-powered crushing machines installed at the quarry.

In the early days, many of the quarry workers at Bombo lived in tents. Clouds of dust regularly shrouded the camp in a gritty haze. A number of fatal accidents in the first few years and the reputation of the sole drinking establishment gave the place a bad name.

The blue metal industry remained the major employer in the district until the 1960s.

This plaque is one of many found around the district. The plaques discribe the history of their locations. They were commissioned by Kiama Council in 2009.

If you had seen them around, you are welcome to have a look at the collection of plaques in the district.