Coast Walk; Blowhole to Kiama Heights

blow-hole-kiama-heights1The Kiama Coast Walk from Blowhole Point to Kiama Heights is a pleasant and easy walk. Although there are two or three short climbs, the walk is very pretty and starts at the blowhole. It then meanders south following the coast. Many beautiful views and homes are on show as the walk can be managed in about 1 - 2 hours.

Kiama Heights to Blowhole Point
Distance: 11 km return
Time: 5 hr return
Grade: Moderate (Class 4)

Please wear sturdy shoes and a sun hat. Take plenty of water and food. Toilet facilities are only available at Kiama Visitor Centre at Blowhole Point. Please note that parts of this area are very exposed and subject to strong winds. Please keep dogs on leashes.

This plaque is one of many found around the district. The plaques discribe the history of their locations. They were commissioned by Kiama Council in 2009.

If you had seen them around, you are welcome to have a look at the collection of plaques in the district.