Little Blowhole Landcare site

little-bowhole-dharawalBush regeneration began here in 2005. It has been carried out by the LittIe Blovvhole Community Landcare in collaboration with local Aboriginal people.

Work here expresses respect for the Aboriginal Dreaming,  and the beliefs about the connections between plants, animals, people and their relationship to land.

The philosophy of Deep Ecology reflects the Dreaming understandings of unity and balance, and also inspires the work here. The earth, mountains and rivers, sky and clouds, sun and moon are all seen as part of the sacred healing space where all living things are nurtured.

For thousands of years the'Saltwater People' made seasonal pilgramages to fish, hunt, and gather food and bush medicine along this coast.

This plaque is one of many found around the district. The plaques discribe the history of their locations. They were commissioned by Kiama Council in 2009.

If you had seen them around, you are welcome to have a look at the collection of plaques in the district.