Pocket of the past

coastalwalk-pocket-past-remnant-rainforest1An abundance of cedar drew the first Europeans to the Kiama area. The settlers of Sydney and clients abroad had insatiable appetites for the exquisite softwood. By the 1820s Kiama was supplying nine-tenths of the Sydney cedar market.

This tiny isolated remnant rainforest patch gives us a glimpse of an ancient rainforest known as the Long Brush that dominated the landscape from Gerroa to Shellharbour and west to the escarpment. The densest rainforest was right here, between Saddleback Mountain and the sea.

This plaque is one of many found around the district. The plaques discribe the history of their locations. They were commissioned by Kiama Council in 2009.

If you had seen them around, you are welcome to have a look at the collection of plaques in the district.