Where are we now: Phase Three - Community Statutory Exhibition

Kiama Council has started the process of developing a local strategic planning statement (LSPS) that will set out:

  • A 20 year vision for land use in the local area
  • the special characteristics which contribute to local identity
  • shared community values to be maintained and enhanced
  • how growth and change will be managed into the future.

Once the LSPS is in place, it will shape the comprehensive reviews of the Kiama Local Environmental Plan 2011 and the Kiama Development Control Plan 2012. It will also provide a solid foundation for the review of Council’s Community Strategic Plan that is scheduled for 2020-21.

Phase One: November 2018 - Community Scoping and Vision - Completed

Throughout November 2018, a number of workshops were held as the first phase of engagement to:

  • Inform the community and stakeholders about the LSPS
  • identify key community issues and values
  • develop a preliminary high level strategic vision/narrative for the Municipality
  • prioritise the key themes and responses that will guide more detailed analysis and provide a framework for the development of the Statement.

The outcomes from the initial round of community and stakeholder engagement have helped council officers identify the issues and priorities that require more detailed consideration.

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Phase Two: January to October 2019 - Community Testing - Completed

Throughout 2019 Council engaged with State agencies, peak groups and the community as part of the second phase of engagement. As part of Phase Two, the options to address themes such as housing, employment, environment and agriculture were discussed.

The feedback from the Phase 2 community workshops have helped council officers prepare the draft LSPS.

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January/February 2020 - Finalising Draft

At their February 2020 meeting, Council adopted the draft Kiama Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS) 2020 to be placed on public exhibition.

Phase Three: March/April 2020 - Statutory Exhibition

The formal adoption process of the Local Strategic Planning Statement will involve Council endorsement of a draft, a statutory exhibition and Council resolution to adopt a final LSPS.

As the planned community information sessions have been cancelled, in response to COVID-19, the public exhibition period is being extended by 2 weeks to allow for alternative community engagement.

The draft LSPS is now on public exhibition from 23rd March to 4th May 2020.

This is the last chance for the community to find their voice and help shape our community's future.

An online community information session is being held during the exhibition period to allow the community to discuss the draft LSPS with Council staff.

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April/May 2020 - Submit to NSW Government