Planning studies


Local Policies & Strategies

Kiama Urban Strategy (and dwelling approvals)

The Kiama Urban Strategy (KUS) came into effect on 20 September 2011. The KUS considered both urban infill and urban expansion opportunities and made recommendations as to an appropriate approach to the housing demand for the Kiama Local Government Area. 

The KUS should be read in conjunction with the Illawarra-Shoalhaven Regional Plan

Dwelling Approvals 

Council reports quarterly on the number of dwellings approved, as well as the location, type dwelling and the number of dwellings that were approved to be demolished, in the Kiama Municipality. 

The table below shows the number of dwellings approved in each financial year in the Kiama Municipality since the adoption of the KUS.

Financial Year

Dwelling Approvals









Kiama Town Centre Charrette

The Kiama Town Centre Charrette was prepared, in conjunction with the community, to provide some desirable design outcomes for certain areas of the Kiama Town Centre. 

Gerringong Charrette

The Gerringong Charrette is referenced in Chapter 27 - Gerringong Town Centre of the Kiama Development Control Plan 2012. The Gerringong Charrette serves as a record of most of the ideas, principles, and designs generated by the Gerringong community.

Kiama Town Centre Study

The Kiama Town Centre Study was prepared to assist Council with its planning and development functions, whilst also informing the direction of future strategic planning studies and policies. Council has endorsed The Kiama Town Centre Study as a guiding document for future strategic planning and plan making functions within the Kiama Town Centre.