Kiama Local Environmental Plan (LEP)


In NSW, each local government area has a Local Environmental Plan.

The Kiama Local Environment Plan guides development and protects environment within our local government area.

Councils prepare their Local Environment Plans.

The plans are prepared in consultation with the local community and approved by the NSW Minister for Planning.

Local Environment Plans guide planning decisions within a the local government area and apply land zoning:

  • Rural
  • Environmental Protection
  • Residential
  • Centre
  • Business Park
  • Industrial
  • Recreation
  • Infrastructure

Land zoning indicates what the intention is for each zone and how the land may be used.

Land uses apply to each zone and are either:

1. Permitted without Development Consent

2. Permitted with Development Consent

3. Prohibited.

In the case of any inconsistencies, the Kiama Local Environmental Plan 2011 is overridden by the State Environmental Planning Policies.

Kiama Local Environmental Plan 1996 is repealed for the whole of the Municipality except for the land identified as 'Deferred Matter' under Clause 1.3(1A) of Kiama LEP 2011.

Find a property zoning

  1. Open Kiama Local Environmental Plan 2011 mapping guide 
  2. Find the map number for your area
  3. Go to Kiama Local Environmental Plan 2011 maps 
  4. Scroll to locate the map number you are looking for.