Planning Proposals


Cows-Jamberoo.pngAmending the Local Environmental Plan (Planning Proposal)

A Planning Proposal is the document that explains the intended effect of, and justification for, a proposed amendment to the Local Environmental Plan

Planning Proposals can be prepared by an applicant however they must be endorsed by Council and the Department of Planning and Environment in order to take effect.

The diagram below outlines the Planning Proposal process.

Council has adopted a Planning Proposal Policy  which outlines how Planning Proposals will be processed and the type of additional information that may be required.

The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment's "A guide to preparing planning proposals" outlines the required contents of a planning proposal and should be consulted when preparing a planning proposal. More information on can be viewed on the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment's website

Please refer to Council's Application for Planning Proposal form for further information about requesting an amendment to the Kiama Local Environmental Plan. Pre-lodgment meetings with Council's Strategic Planning Division is required to the lodgment of a Planning Proposal.

Our current Planning Proposals.