Use of jet skis


Use of jetskis/motorised personal water craft



It is the aim of this Plan of Management to make provision for, and regulate the use of, motorised personal water craft in the Kiama Municipality in an effort to ensure their safe operation and to minimise conflict with other surf and ocean users.

Areas of exclusion

Motorised personal water craft (jetskis) are prohibited from entering the following areas under Section 355A of the Local Government Act 1919 (as amended):

  • within 300 metres from all Municipal beaches
  • on the northern side of Bombo Headland in the area known as "The Boneyard".

Signposting at the various boat ramps advise of these prohibited areas.

Launching of motorised Personal Water Craft (PWC)

Launching facilities are available at the following locations. These facilities may be used for launching motorised PWCs. At no time will launching of motorised PWCs from any beach in the Municipality be permitted:

  • at James Oates Reserve into the Minnamurra River. This launching facility is only available for users of motorised PWCs intending to access open ocean waters through the mouth of the river
  • at Kiama Harbour
  • at Gerringong Harbour
  • at the northern end of Seven Mile Beach at Gerroa. Motorised PWC riders using this launching facility must note that it is in a prohibited area. Motorised PWCs must proceed directly to the open ocean until they are clear of the 300 metre offshore prohibited area.

When leaving or approaching a boat ramp, motorised PWC riders should kneel and maintain a speed of 4 knots when within 100 metres of the boat ramp or 200 metres from the beach at the Gerroa boat ramp.

The following rules should be observed by all motorised PWC riders:

  • Keep a minimum distance of 60 metres away from swimmers and surfers and be especially cautious within the surf zone.
  • Always wear a lifejacket and carry a 5 metre tow rope.
  • Motorised PWCs should be registered and carry public liability insurance to a minimum amount of $5 million.
  • Motorised PWC riders should obtain a boat licence.
  • Motorised PWCs should only be operated in daylight hours but never before 7am.
  • Motorised PWC riders should not ride after drinking alcohol.
  • Motorised PWC riders should be over the age of 16 years to ride solo or hold a junior MSB licence.
  • Motorised PWC riders should keep their motorised PWC properly maintained to ensure that noise levels are below 78 dB at 50 metres and to minimise the chance of oil leaks.
  • All motorised PWCs should be fitted with resistor spark plugs and spark plug caps for radio interference suppression.