Guide to safe skateboarding


SENTRAL’s guide to safe skateboarding

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

  • A big part of skate park etiquette is being aware of what everyone around you is doing. A big no-no is to "snake." This means to cut in front of someone who is skating. Watch the other skaters before you jump in, and wait your turn. Also, it's bad form to take a long time and keep skating without stopping. This makes everyone else wait for too long and creates animosity among skaters. Everyone should skate for a few moments, then let someone else take a turn.

Do Not Expect Free Day Care

  • While most skaters will be respectful of small children who are trying to learn to skate, parents need to remember that skaters are not babysitters. Parents should watch over their children but not hover so much that they are disrupting everyone else. Skaters should be patient with the smaller children and let them take turns. Realise they might go slower and give them some space and respect. Don't talk down to them or laugh at them.

Practice Safety

  • No one should sit on the ledges because the skaters use them to skate on. If someone needs to sit they should sit on a bench or the grass off to the side away from the action. If a skater falls he should get up as soon as possible. Sitting down in the park is going to cause a pileup. If a skater loses his board he should immediately yell "Board!" as loud as he can. This alerts everyone in the park that a loose skateboard is flying.

Have a Good Time

  • The mood of the park should be lighthearted so everyone can laugh and have fun. If someone bumps into someone by mistake, they should just apologize and move on. Don't hold a grudge for a mistake. Don't coach other skaters unless they ask for help. On the other hand don't ask for too much help. It's acceptable to ask a question or two but don't overwhelm the other skaters. Don't try to impress everyone else with your tricks. Just relax and have fun.