Aerobics/Group Fitness


  • Minimum participant age is 13 or student enrolled in High Schoolpdf icon
  • Some classes require participants to be 15 years and over
  • All fitness leaders are accredited and affiliated with Fitness NSW.

  Aerobics/Fitness class timetable

Classes on offer
ClassIntensityDescriptionSuitable for


Easy / Mod / Hard
  • 30 minute circuit class
  • Held in Gymnasium
  • Includes strength, core & cardio
  • Good introduction into the gymnasium environment.

Bookings essential

15 years and over -Teenage specific circuits 4.30pm Monday-Thursday.

BarreEasy / Mod / Hard
  • 30 minute class incorporating elements of dance, Pilates with an emphasis on toning your body and strengthening your core.
13 years and over
Body Step Easy / Mod / Hard
  • Non complex step class focusing on intensity
  • May include propulsions or use of hand weights. 
15 years and over
Body AttackMod / Hard
  • High intensity cardiovascular blitz with advanced strength work
  • It's flat out, full on and fun. One of the best ways you can get fit.
13 years and over
Body BalanceEasy / Mod / Hard
  • Choreographed moves to relaxing music
  • Featuring moves from Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates
  • Focus on core strength, balance and stretching
13 years and over
Body PumpEasy / Mod / Hard
  • Works every muscle group in the body, strengthening, conditioning and defining muscle
  • PUMP is a pre-choreographed workout using barbells with adjustable weights
15 years and over
Body Pump TechniqueEasy / Mod / Hard
  • Runs on the 1st Sunday of every month - bookings essential
  • Great class if you are a beginner to PUMP
  • Takes you through correct set up and technique on each move used in PUMP, step by step
15 years and over
  • 30 minutes High Intensity Interval Training using periods of short intense exercise with less intense recovery periods.
15 years and over
Group ActiveEasy / Mod / Hard
  • Pre-choreographed 60min workout, consisting of muscle toning, cardio, balance & core work.
15 years and over
Light PaceEasy / Mod
  • 1/2 of class uses weights for muscle conditioning
  • 1/2 class is step focus for cardiovascular
15 years and over
Zumba ExpressEasy / Mod / Hard
  • Basic moves which are layered into more dance flavoured moves e.g. Salsa
13 years and over
Body Tone IntervalEasy / Mod / Hard
  • Interval training class where body conditioning is combined with cardio to burn fat
  • Use of resistance from equipment & body weight to help sculpt & tone those troubled areas
15 years and over 
Group RideEasy / Mod / Hard
  • Indoor cycling class choreographed to music
  • Fantastic cardiovascular work-out
  • Perfect low impact work-out for all levels of fitness with intensity controlled by you

Bookings Essential

13 years and over

SpinningEasy / Mod / Hard
  • Indoor cycling program that provides a quality non-impact workout for all fitness levels
  • Great endurance builder

Bookings Essential

13 years and over

New BodyEasy / Mod / Hard
  • Low moderate impact aerobics class, using light hand weights
15 years and over
Heart FitEasy / Mod
  • Low to moderate exercise program suitable for anyone who hasn't done any exercise in a while
  • You can start gently in a friendly atmosphere and exercise at your own pace
15 years and over - suitable for older patrons
TTTEasy / Mod / Hard
  • 30 minute class will help tone up your lower half - tummies, thighs & tails
13 years and over
Fight FitEasy / Mod / Hard
  • For all levels of fitness
  • No co-ordination needed
  • Tone & burn fat
13 years and over
PilatesEasy / Mod / Hard
  • Toning, stretching & strengthening in the one movement
  • Develops core stability & promotes stronger backs
13 years and over
BootcampMod / Hard
  • Designed for maximum calorie burn
  • Focus on strength, cardio, muscle endurance, core and functional movement patterns
13 years and over
StretchEasy / Mod / Hard
  • Help improve your flexibility and muscle recovery
13 years and over
YogaEasy / Mod / Hard
  • Yoga Flow. Total mind-body workout featuring cardiovascular conditioning, functional strength,flexibility, muscle balancing, relaxation and breath work
13 years and over
Group PowerEasy / Mod / Hard
  • High rep weight training using adjustable barbell, weight plates and/or body weight
15 years and over



  • bring a water bottle and towel
  • drink water at regular intervals
  • let your instructor know of any injuries or ailments of concern
  • arrive early to warm up properly
  • stay for stretches at the end of the class.