Pets & Other Animals


What you should know

photo of a kitten and puppyDog and cat ownership
Being a responsible pet owner, microchipping, registering and identifying your pet, desexing

photo cat getting ready to pounceDog and cat issues
Why dogs bark and what you can do, cleaning up after your dog, reducing cat threat

warning dangerous dog signDangerous, Restricted and Menacing Dogs
Responsibilities of owners, definitions, legislation and penalties

photo of a golden retriever running on the beachOff-leash areas
The importance of off-leash areas, where they are, our dog off-leash areas booklet, advice for owners, trial areas

photo of group of different animalsOther animals
Things you should know about birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, rodents, reptiles, amphibians, pigs, cattle and horse

photo of a golden retriever running on the beachOur Pound
Located at the northern end of Minnamurra our pound is used to house lost and found companion animals


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