Street numbering


Our policyphoto showing a household kerb with the number 11 painted on it

There is no obligation to have numbering painted on your kerb and gutter.  It is entirely a matter of choice for each individual householder.

If you do choose to paint your house number on the kerb and gutter outside your residence the following guidelines must be met:

  • numbers only are to be displayed
  • numbers may be painted only or engraved as well as painted - the depth of engraving is to be 3mm at the deepest point
  • numbering is to be on the face of the kerb only, located adjacent to the layback, with 150mm from the start of the layback to the start of the black background
  • numbers are to be yellow or white in colour in reflective paint on a square or rectangular black background
  • numbering is to be 90mm high and symmetrically placed in relation to the top and bottom of the kerb.

All negotiations and charges are to be direct between the contractor and the householder (ie at no cost to Council).  The contractor must be on our current Authorised Contractor List.

The contractor's public liability insurance policy must extend to cover Council for any claim which may arise from carrying out the street numbering work, and a copy of the insurance certificate provided to us prior to commencement of work.