Driveways and footpaths


Constructing driveways or footpath crossings


Footpath driveway specifications

Our technical specifications page provides further information for your assistance.

Second driveway access applications

Details required with second driveway access applications are:

  • a letter requesting permission for second driveway access; this letter must include the reasons, deemed necessary, for the second access.
  • a dimensional plan of the site including:
    • location of dwelling
    • location of existing/future garage/carport/hardstand
    • width of property
    • distances of existing/future parking area from front and side boundaries
    • distances between existing/proposed layback

Road and footpath occupation (Section 138)

The NSW Roads Act requires that approval is obtained from Council (the Road Authority) prior to any work being undertaken within a road reserve.  An Application for road and footpath occupation      must be submitted to us for approval prior to any works commencing.

Installing street numbers on kerb and gutter

We do not mark kerbs in front of residences with the house number, however approved contractors have permission to provide this service applying the Street numbering policy. A list of approved contractors can be obtained from our Engineering and Works Department.

Driving across public reserves

Approval must be obtained to drive across our reserves. This includes builders and delivery vehicles working at the rear of a private property requiring access across a public reserve. A Reserve key application and indemnity form should be submitted at least 1 week prior to access and this is assessed by our Risk Management team.

All terms and conditions must be complied with.