Street trees and trees in reserves



We manage the care and protection of trees and vegetation on public land.  To organise an inspection of a street tree or a tree in one of our reserves or parks, call Customer Services on (02) 4232 0444.  You can also complete our online customer request management form.

All requests for pruning or removal of street or reserve trees are inspected by our Tree Management Officer.  The tree is then assessed, given a rating of priority according to the risk and entered into our maintenance schedule.

It is acknowledged that trees drop leaves, bark, sticks, flowers, fruit and sap as part of their normal life cycle and these issues will not constitute justification for excessive pruning or removal.

Kiama Development Control Plan 2012 - Chapter 3 Preservation and Management of Trees and Vegetation prohibits residents and property owners from removing or pruning any Council owned tree. Under no circumstances can any work on trees on public land be carried out by anyone other than a Council Officer or Council Contractor.

A policy on tree planting in Council reserves and public places is available for your information.

Each of our Reserves also has a Plan of Management that addresses tree and vegetation issues.