Household Kerbside Clean Up


The scheduled Household Kerbside Clean Up Collection for 2020 has finished.

Household Kerbside Clean Up is only available to residents who have an urban residential waste service.

Materials and items must:

  • be placed on the kerbside one week prior to the scheduled collection date
  • be of a size and weight that can be safely and capably lifted by one person
  • if metal, be sorted into a separate pile
  • if a fridge, freezer or stove, be dismantled 
  • be no more than one cubic metre.

We won't accept:

*May be dropped off for free at our Community Recycling Centre.

** May be taken for free to our Household Bulky Waste Drop Off Event.

We will accept:

Small indoor and outdoor furniture

photo of a chest of drawers and wheelbarrow kerbside photo of chairs and dismantled furniture kerbside photo of computer chair and dining chairs kerbside

Carpets, toys, sporting goods

photo of carpet rolls kerbside photo of childrens toysphoto of old bikes, scooters, golf clubs on the kerbside

Dismantled whitegoods (microwaves, fridges, stoves, etc)

photo of dismantled washing machine kerbsidephoto of dismantled dryer kerbside

Cardboard and paper products

photo of stack of newspapers



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