Community Gardens Grants Program


Community Gardens Grants - Round 3 is now CLOSED

Kiama Municipal Council offers Community Gardens Grants up to $4,500 to promote community gardening and sustainability in the Kiama Local Government Area (LGA).

The aim is to bring together local residents and community groups with an interest in community gardening and assist them in setting up sustainable local food sources through community gardens.

  • Have you got an idea for a new community garden or to further develop an existing one?
  • Are you a not-for-profit incorporated community organisation or an incorporated school P & C or auspiced by either of these?
  • Can you contribute in-kind or cash for the project?

Groups wishing to establish new community gardens or to further develop existing ones in the LGA can apply for financial support via this grant.

Find out more about the eligibility and funding criteria by downloading the Round 3 grant guidelines and application form:

 An information session will be held on Wednesday 19th February 2020 from 4 - 5pm at the Joyce Wheatley Community Centre Kiama.

Contact Council’s Health Promotion Officer to book into the information session and to share your idea on (02) 4232 0444 or 

Please consult the Community Gardens Policy and Guidelines if you plan on establishing a community garden on Council controlled land. 


Past Community Gardens Grants Program Recipients

Past Community Gardens Grants Program Recipients
RoundCommunity GroupProject SummaryFunding offered
Mar 2019

Jamberoo Incorporated Jamberoo Incorporated Growers Group

Seniors in the recently established over 55s precinct in the heart of Jamberoo will establish a community garden on the same site as their new community facility in Sproule Crescent. The goal of establishing a Community Garden is to offer the residents the opportunity to grow and harvest produce that is not only nutritious but fragrant and aesthetically pleasing to any and all who access the space. It will also be an opportunity to share stories, experiences and the many bountiful fresh harvests. The garden will include flowers and edible produce, such as fruit, herbs and a variety of seasonal vegetables. The aim is for this garden to remain within the community indefinitely and able to be sustained and to support the community.$4,500.00
Mar 2018

Kiama Community Garden

The organisation would like to purchase and install an irrigation system for their hothouse and greenhouse area. This will allow the garden to propagate and grow plants from seed. The project is critical to the gardens’ viability and financial sustainability as it will reduce the cost of purchasing food crop seedlings now that garden members can propagate and grow vegetables & fruit trees from seeds or cuttings.$711.71
Mar 2018Jamberoo P&C Association Jamberoo Public School GardenThe aim of the project is to install a new watering system to the existing tank and purchase two new flatbed garden carts to transport seedlings to the school hall to sell at Friday assemblies. The project envisages raising vegetables seedlings from seeds to use in garden beds and sell to the school community, bringing together the local community of parents, grandparents and students to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. The project allows students to experience the full cycle of plant life and the growing of vegetable seedlings locally, whilst making an existing water system more streamlined, less cumbersome and more efficient.$3,358.00
Mar 2018

Kiama Public School    Kiama Public School Living Classroom

The project will develop an existing and successful program at the Public School and deepen the environmental learning opportunities for students by developing a new rainforest learning space, complete with a boardwalk and seating for students to undertake classes. Students, parents, staff & community volunteers will come together to build the new section of the garden and see firsthand the positive & enriching experience the garden will offer. Students will continue to learn about healthy & sustainable living, local history and maintain a connection with nature. With the expansion of the garden, the school would be solidifying opportunities for students to learn about sustainability, preserving the environment and growing their character & skills.  $4,000.00