Abandoned Items


Vehiclesred vehicle abandoned on the side of the road

We classify a vehicle as being abandoned when the vehicle is parked on a public street and the registration number plates are removed.

If you suspect there is an abandoned vehicle in your street and the registration numbers plates are in place, please contact Lake Illawarra Police on (02) 4232 5599 to report it.

Our Rangers will investigate an unregistered vehicle that is parked on a public street. A request is made for the owner to remove the vehicle by the placement of a notice on the front window.  If the owner is unable to be identified the vehicle is considered to be abandoned.  Once determined as abandoned, the vehicle will be impounded and removed from the street.  

If a vehicle is identified as compromising public safety the vehicle will be removed immediately. The owner of the vehicle is liable for any costs associated with removal and storage.

It is an offence to 'Stand Unregistered Vehicle on Public Street' and fines may be issued.

If you suspect there is an abandoned vehicle in your street and the registration number plates have been removed,  please contact our Customer Services on (02) 4232 0444 and provide the following details:

  • the location of the vehicle
  • model and make of vehicle
  • colour of vehicle

You can also report a suspected abandoned vehicle by completing the online form.


Abandoned animals or roaming animals will be impounded at Council's Pound. Our Rangers make every effort to identify the owner of any animal found wandering, and if that is not possible the animal may be sold to a new owner or rescued by an appropriate organisation.

If your companion animal is microchipped and registered on the NSW Companion Animals Register it is much easier to return the animal to you.

Abandoned trolleys

We have no authority over abandoned shopping trolleys. To report an abandoned trolley go to Trolley Trackers or call 1800 641 497.

Other items

You may come across other items such as mattresses, electronic goods etc, left on the roadside. This is illegal dumping and should be reported immediately to our Customer Services (02) 4232 0444 or you can submit an Illegal Dumping Observation Report to us.