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It’s as simple as give an hour, receive an hour

We believe that everyone can be a part of Timebanking as we all have; something to offer, something we need, or know of someone who would appreciate a helping hand.

Timebanking also calls out to organisations to join the platform as a valuable method of recognising the time that your volunteers give to their community.

How it works

Join up by registering online.

Once you become a Timebanking member, you are able to search through all the offers of service and requests for assistance made by other members.

Each time you volunteer, log your hours on the system, you can then keep the hours to trade for offers of service by other Timebanking members or donate your hours to another member or the Community Chest. 

For more information or assistance contact us at:

Email | timebanking@kiama.nsw.gov.au
Phone | (02) 4232 0444