Work Health & Safety


Council and management recognise and accept their moral and legal responsibility to provide a safe and healthy work environment for employees, volunteers, customers, visitors, the public, when Council is working in a public area, and to ensure its contractors have the same recognition and objectives.

This will be achieved by providing a safe place of work, implementing safe working methods and providing safe plant, safe use of substances and equipment in accordance with the objectives of the current work health and safety (WHS) legislation.

Council's safety management system with supportive documentation, training and records will be regularly evaluated, in consultation with the WHS committee, employees, and unions (where appropriate), to ensure continuous refinement and improvement of WHS, which is considered an integral and essential part of the successful performance measurement of Council.

The General Manager has ultimate responsibility for the implementation and review of the Council's WHS policy, and delegation of WHS management responsibilities.

Management responsibilities 

Each manager and supervisor is accountable for complying with and implementing Council's Work Health and Safety policy and its supportive documentation and infrastructure within their area of responsibility. This compliance will be part of their annual performance review.

All managers and supervisors are responsible for:

  • the provision and maintenance of the workplace in a safe condition
  • the arrangement of the required training and/or instruction for employees in the safe performance of their assigned work activities
  • their involvement in the development, promotion and implementation of work health and safety issues
  • the provision of resources within their authority to meet the health and safety objectives of Council
  • the maintenance of an effective consultation process with employees ensuring discussion, sharing and recording of relevant WHS information
  • the maintenance of the WHS committee and/or safety representatives and ensuring compliance with the legislative requirements.

Employee responsibilities

All employees must co-operate with management to ensure compliance with OH&S legislation and/or initiatives implemented to assist Council's safety performance.

  • Employees must take care of themselves, other employees, contractors, customers and visitors who are at the employee's place of work.
  • Employees who by refusal or neglect fail to observe the necessary WHS policy, procedures, instructions or directives will face disciplinary action in accordance with Council policy.
  • Employees are to elect and consult with their WHS Committee.
  • Employees are to report all known or observed workplace risks or concerns to their immediate supervisor.

  Work, Health & Safety Protocol