Council meetings


Our council meetings

Council Meetings tale place at 5pm on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.

Members of the public are welcome to attend Council Meetings, usually located at the Council Chambers, 11 Manning Street, Kiama.

Council does sometimes run meetings at other venues.

Council provides members of the community with public access to their elected Councillors.

Public Access allows people the opportunity to address Councillors directly on the agenda items of a Council meeting.

Public Access meetings are usually held the Monday evening prior to the Council Meetings.

Participants must call Council to register their details prior to the meeting.

  Read our frequently asked questions for details on how Public Access works and how to register

  Read the Meeting Code of Practice for more detailed information on Public Access

  Read our Easy Read Version of Council Meetings & Public Access information

  Read Council's Business Papers online or ask for a copy at Council's Customer Services desk.