Delegates to Other Bodies


List of delegates to other bodies

The following table lists Council delegates who are involved in non-Council committees.

Councillor delegates to external committees and other bodies
Committee/AssociationMeetingsCouncillors ElectedNature of AppointmentDelegates
Civic Risk MutualQuarterlyClr HoneyCouncil1 Councillor and General Manager
Cleary Bros Community Consultative CommitteeAs required

Clr Sloan

(Alt Clr Westhoff)

Council2 Councillors
Friends of Kiama LibraryMonthly

Clr Rice

(Alt Clr Reilly)

Council1 Councillor and Alternate
Healthy Cities Illawarra Management Committee and International Healthy Cities Alliance (including Australian ChapterQuarterly and as required

Clr Honey

(Alt Clr Rice)

As MayorMayor and Alternate
Illawarra Academy of SportBi-monthlyClr WayDelegate1 Councillor and Director Community Services as alternate
Illawarra Bush Fire Management CommitteeQuarterlyClr WatsonCouncillor Delegate, Staff1 Councillor and Director Engineering and Works
Illawarra Connection Clr SteelCouncil1 Councillor
Illawarra District Weeds AuthorityQuarterlyClr RiceCouncil1 Councillor and alternate being Landscape Officer
Illawarra Landcare Coordinating CommitteeMonthlyClr RiceCouncil1 Councillor
Illawarra Regional Airport Management Advisory CommitteeAs requiredClr HoneyAs MayorMayor
Illawarra Regional Information ServiceQuarterlyClr ReillyDelegate1 Councillor
Illawarra Rural Fire District Service Agreement CommitteeQuarterlyClr WatsonCouncillor Delegate, Staff1 Councillor and Director Engineering and Works
Illawarra Shoalhaven Joint OrganisationBi-monthly

Clrs Honey and Reilly

(Alt Clr Sloan)

Councillor Delegate2 Councillors and General Manager
Kiama and District Sports AssociationBi-monthlyClr WayCouncil1 Councillor and Director Engineering and Works
Kiama Liquor AccordAs requiredClrs Brown and WatsonCouncil delegate2 Councillors and Road Safety Officer
 Mutual Management ServicesQuaterlyClr HoneyAs MayorMayor
NSW Public Library South East Zone CommitteeQuarterlyClr RiceCouncil delegate1 Councillor, Director Corporate, Commercial and Community Services and Manager Library Services
South Coast Co-operative Library ServiceAnnuallyClr RiceCouncil1 Councillor
Southern Regional Planning PanelAs required

Clrs Honey and Sloan

Council delegatesMayor, 1 Councillor and 1 Alternate (Michael Forsyth)
Sydney Catchment Authority’s Local Government Reference PanelAs required

Clr Sloan

(Alt Clr Westhoff)

1 Councillor, 1 Staff1 Councillor, 1 Alternate and Director Environmental Services