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Filename abbreviation Meaning
yymmdd Date of the meeting e.g. '100622' stands for '22 June 2010'
bp Stands for 'ordinary meeting business papers'
bp-ext Stands for 'extraordinary meeting business papers'
min Stands for 'minutes'

19 December 2017Ordinary Business Paper + supplementary items27 MB + 225 KB
Enclosures931 KB
Minutes306 KB
21 November 2017Ordinary Business Paper + supplementary items31 MB + 5.34 MB
Enclosures21.3 MB
Minutes400 KB
17 October 2017Ordinary Business Paper + supplementary items21.5 MB + 225 KB
Minutes274 KB
19 September 2017Ordinary Business Paper + supplementary items35.3 MB + 233 KB
Enclosures9.2 MB
Minutes458 KB
22 August 2017Extraordinary Business Paper370 KB
Minutes230 KB
15 August 2017Ordinary Business Paper + supplementary items20.7 MB + 566 KB
Enclosures1.13 MB
Minutes303 KB
3 August 2017Youth Engagement business paper1 MB
Minutes170 KB
18 July 2017Ordinary Business Paper + supplementary items17.4 MB + 681KB
Enclosures957 KB
Minutes279 KB
22 June 2017Ordinary Business Paper14 MB
Enclosures16.8 MB
Minutes261 KB
16 May 2017Ordinary Business Paper27.1.MB
Enclosures44.7 MB
Minutes307 KB
11 April 2017Ordinary business papersupplementary items11.8MB + 8.73MB
5 April 2017Extraordinary Business Paper1.03 MB
21 March 2017Ordinary business paper + supplementary items36 MB + 1.8 MB
Enclosures33 MB
14 February 2017Ordinary Business Paper 17.MB
Minutes200 KB
24 January 2017Extraordinary Business Paper3.5 MB
Extraordinary Council Minutes182 KB

20 December 2016Ordinary Business Paper31 MB
Enclosures33 MB
Ordinary Council Minutes231 KB
21 November 2016Extraordinary Business Paper17.3MB
Extraordinary Council Minutes150KB
15 November 2016Ordinary Business Paper31.3MB
Ordinary Council Minutes349KB
18 October 2016Ordinary Business Paper + Supplementary Item27 MB + 154KB
Ordinary Council Minutes359 KB
4 October 2016Extraordinary Business Paper273 KB
Extraordinary Council Minutes170 KB
27 September 2016Ordinary Business Papers + Supplementary Items18 MB + 270KB
Enclosures4.5 MB
Ordinary Council Minutes390 KB
20 September 2016Extraordinary Business Paper706KB
Extraordinary Meeting Minutes169 KB
16 August 2016Ordinary Business Paper + Supplementary Items23.9MB + 4.07MB
Ordinary Council Minutes279 KB
9 August 2016Extraordinary Business Paper273 KB
Extraordinary Council Minutes185 KB
3 August 2016Youth Engagement Business Paper2 MB
Youth Engagement minutes171 KB
19 July 2016Ordinary Business Paper + Supplementary Items22.8MB + 212KB
Ordinary Council Minutes269 KB
28 June 2016Ordinary Business Paper26.5MB
Ordinary Council Minutes311 KB
31 May 2016Extraordinary Business Paper244 KB
Extraordinary Council Minutes305 KB
17 May 2016Ordinary Business Paper + Supplementary Items17.1 MB + 305 KB
Ordinary Council Minutes305 KB
26 April 2016Ordinary Business Paper + Supplementary Items26.3 MB + 164 KB
Enclosures46 MB
Ordinary Council Minutes282 KB
13 April 2016Extraordinary Business Paper270 KB
Extraordinary Council Minutes268 KB
15 March 2016Ordinary Business Paper + Supplementary Items35 MB + 528 KB
Enclosures7 MB
Ordinary Council Minutes437 KB
14 March 2016Extraordinary Business Paper254 KB
Extraordinary Council Minutes163 KB
7 March 2016Extraordinary Business Paper266 KB
Extraordinary Council Minutes169 KB
23 February 2016Extraordinary Business Paper9.2 MB
Extraordinary Council  Minutes184 KB
2 February 2016Ordinary Business Paper + Supplementary Items30.3 MB + 2.6 MB
Enclosures4.1 MB
Ordinary Council Minutes297 KB
12 January 2016Extraordinary Business Paper3.1 MB
Extraordinary Council Minutes127 KB

15 December 2015Ordinary Business Paper + Supplementary Items20 MB + 860 KB
Enclosures3 MB
Ordinary Council Minutes 
17 November 2015Ordinary Business Paper + Supplementary Items15 MB + 903 KB
Enclosures6 MB
Ordinary Council Minutes217 KB
20 October 2015Ordinary Business Paper + Supplementary Items14 MB + 1.92 MB
Enclosures21.7 MB
Ordinary Council Minutes279 KB
15 September 2015Ordinary Business Paper + Supplementary Items7.2 MB + 600 KB
Enclosures19 MB
Ordinary Council Minutes403 KB
18 August 2015Ordinary Business Paper + Supplementary Items12 MB + 198 KB
Enclosures8.7 MB
Ordinary Council Minutes217 KB
4 August 2015Youth Engagement Business Paper2 MB
Youth Engagement Minutes183 KB
21 July 2015Ordinary Business Paper + Supplementary Items25 MB + 151 KB
Enclosures18 MB
Ordinary Council Minutes360 KB
16 June 2015Ordinary Business Paper44 MB
Enclosures + Supplementary Enclosures36.6 MB + 1.2 MB
Supplementary Items550 KB
Ordinary Council Minutes317 KB
19 May 2015Ordinary Council Business Paper8.5 MB
Enclosures572 KB
Supplementary Items264 KB
Ordinary Council Minutes215 KB
28 April 2015Ordinary Council Business Paper 7.9 MB
Enclosures21 MB
Ordinary Council Minutes284 KB
23 March 2015Extraordinary Business Paper310 KB
Extraordinary Minutes138 KB
17 March 2015Ordinary Council Business Paper
Supplementary Items
36.3 MB
463 KB
Ordinary Council Minutes357 KB
10 February 2015Ordinary Council Business Paper36.5 MB
Ordinary Council Minutes295 KB