BNG Contractor Services


Equality for contractor and service provision

Kiama Council is giving all business operators an equal chance of winning work through a new contractor accreditation system.

Council has joined the ranks of 22 other NSW councils in asking all contractors and service providers to register and become accredited with a national organisation – BNG Contractor Services Pty Ltd (BNG) through their on-line contractor risk management system – BNG Conserve™.

Gaining accreditation with BNG will cost contractors an annual fee of $240 + GST, which is payable directly to BNG. This accreditation will allow contractors to be listed in Council’s approved contractor list and will be a compulsory requirement to engage the services of a contractor or successful tenderers.

Accreditation will be based on a set of validation criteria such as company licences, registrations, employee qualifications, licences and trade certificates, insurances and WH&S documentation.

With the one accreditation and annual fee, accredited contractors can be transferred free between councils and private companies that use the BNG Contractor Management System.

BNG Conserve™ contractor management system currently has over 3000 contractors registered across 22 councils and Kiama Council has approximately 190 contractors registered with 55 operating from the local area.

What this will mean  is that whether you are a small, medium or large operator everyone will be accredited on the same validation criteria – so creating a level footing for the awarding of contracts with Kiama Council.

The new system will only apply to contractor service providers and not suppliers of goods or materials.

View the letter of instruction which advises the steps that are required to be taken.

For further information please contact Kiama Council’s Supply Manager on (02) 4232 0510 or BNG Conserve™ directly on (02) 8883 1501.