Development Application forms and guides

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Guide and templates

Guide to carrying out Development or an Activity in the Kiama Municipality(PDF, 1MB)

Guide Appendix 1 - Building Construction Cost Guide(PDF, 344KB)

Guide Appendix 2 - Cost Summary Report Template(PDF, 602KB)

Guide Appendix 3 - Naming Convention(PDF, 493KB)

Development Application Guide for Home Based Food Businesses(PDF, 972KB)

Development Application checklists

For dwelling alterations and additions such as garages, carports, swimming pools:

Checklist 1 - Ancillary Residential Development Application(PDF, 14MB)

For single and rural dwelling, dual occupancy or secondary dwellings:

Checklist 2 - Low Density Residential Development Application(PDF, 5MB)

For multi-dwelling housing, residential flat building, seniors living, shop-top housing:

Checklist 3 - Medium Density Residential Development Application(PDF, 10MB)

For food and drinks premises fit out, alterations and additions to commercial/industrial building, new commercial, industrial or educational building:

Checklist 4 - Commercial/Industrial/Educational Development Application(PDF, 14MB)

For subdivision of land or building:

Checklist 5 - Subdivision Development Application(PDF, 7MB)

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