Your right to Council information


Council holds a large amount of current and historic information about the Municipality. 

We make this information available under the Government Information Public Access Act (2009) (GIPA Act).

Citizens have a legally enforceable right to access most of this information and Council is committed to ensuring access to information is open and freely available unless there is an overriding public interest against disclosure of the information.

Under the GIPA Act, Council must have an Agency Information Guide(PDF, 7MB) which describes Council’s functions, responsibilities and organisational structure. 

This document aims to promote a better understanding of Council’s work in the community and to inform citizens of the ways they can participate in Council’s decision making process and to explain how Council Information can be accessed.

Read our Easy Read Version of Access to Information.(PDF, 2MB)

For help in accessing Council's information please contact Council's Public Officer by phoning (02) 4232 0444 or by email:

Open Access Information

The GIPA Act requires us to release the following Open Access Information:

Annual Reports

Our Annual Reports include:

  • Financial and Auditors Reports
  • Bodies Exercising Functions Delegated by Local Authority.

Code of Meeting Practice

The Code of Meeting Practice is made under:

A Council and a Committee of the Council of which all the members are Councillors must conduct its meetings in accordance with the Code of Meeting Practice adopted by the Council.


Contracts Register

Council is required to publish a register of its contracts with private sector bodies valued at more than $150,000.  

It includes the: 

  • contractors name and any related company involved in the contract
  • start date and duration of the contract
  • goods and services to be provided under the contract
  • amount payable to the contractor, any renegotiation provisions, tender methods if applicable, and any payment provisions for operational or maintenance services under the contract.

Contracts Register(PDF, 71KB)

Council Meetings

Our Council Meetings page has information on Council:

  • meeting dates
  • agendas
  • business papers
  • reports
  • minutes
  • Code of Meeting Practice.

Council Plans (Integrated planning and reporting)

Our Integrated planning and reporting documents incorporate our community’s vision and plans for the municipality.

Council policies

These are available to download on our Policies page.


Our register of the functions delegated to the General Manager, Mayor and officers of the Council.

Council's Delegations Register is currently under review


Development Application Information

For information in relation to development applications please go to the DA Tracker section of Council's website

Disclosure Log

A log of Formal Access to Information applications we've received that are likely to be of interest to the public.

Our Disclosure Log(PDF, 61KB) contains non-personal information only.

Disclosure of Interests of Councillors and Designated persons

To fulfil Council’s obligations under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 and Government Information (Public Access) Regulation 2018, Council is required to make information about Council’s disclosure of interests of Councillors and designated persons publicly available as open access information.

Designated persons include the General Manager, senior staff and other staff who hold a position that involves an exercise of a function that could give rise to a conflict of interest.

To protect the privacy and safety of Councillors and designated persons, Council has redacted private addresses and signatures from individual Returns. If you require access to unredacted versions, please complete and submit an Informal Request for Information form(PDF, 571KB)

Councillors Returns of Interest - redacted(PDF, 12MB)

General Manager and Senior Staff Returns of Interest - redacted(PDF, 5MB)

Other Staff Returns of Interest - redacted(PDF, 29MB)

Political donations

Go to the Electoral Funding Authority website for political donations lodged by:

  • candidates
  • groups
  • members of parliament
  • Councillors
  • political parties
  • political donors.

Voting register

Voting on all planning matters considered at Council meetings are required to recorded under Section 375A of the Local Government Act 1993.

Voting register(PDF, 938KB)

Voting register pre-2020(PDF, 2MB)

Informal Request for Information

You may request access to Council information that is not already available on Council's website by lodging an Informal Request for information.

Informal Request for Information form(PDF, 6MB)

A $30 archive 
file retrieval fee is payable per development or associated application lodged prior to July 2010. Photocopying fees may also apply.

Council aims to process your request as quickly as possible. It is helpful if you describe clearly and specifically the information that you seek, the subject matter, the type eg reports or emails, a date range, and why this information is important to you. If your request is likely to take considerable time and resources to complete, you may be asked to narrow the scope of your request.

Formal Request for Information

If the information is not available to you on Council's website or by lodging an Informal Request for information, you can make a Formal Access to Information application (Formal GIPA).

Formal Access to Information form(PDF, 730KB)

Formal Access applications are often required for:

  • Large and complex requests for information
  • Information that includes someone else's personal, health, financial or business information (other than your own)
  • Information of another agency
  • Confidential or sensitive information

An application fee of $30 applies, the application is deemed invalid until the fee is paid.

You may be required to pay processing charges of $30 per hour in dealing with your application.

You may be eligible for a discount of the processing charges under certain circumstances.

Your application is usually finalised within 20 working days, however this may be extended by a further 10-15 working days to allow time to consult with another person or locate information stored in archives.

If you are not satisfied with Council's decision in response to a Formal Access application, you can request a review of the decision.


Information that is subject to copyright may only be made available by inspection, unless the copyright owner has provided Council with written permission to provide a copy to you.

Most building plans and reports are protected under Copyright. However, Council is provided with a temporary indemnity from breaching copyright in order to fulfill its obligations under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, during the assessment phase of a development application. This means that we can publish reports and plans on our website (DA Tracker) and provide copies to assist people in making submissions, but only during assessment phase of the development application.

When the assessment period ends, the plans and reports are removed from DA Tracker so as not to breach copyright.

Adjoining Property Owners

Use this form to seek details of adjoining property owners.

Adjoining property owner details form(PDF, 416KB)

Please Note: Due to privacy legislation Council is unable to disclose personal contact details of your neighbours, unless it is for the purpose of contacting a neighbour about a dividing fence as required under the Dividing Fences Act 1991, or when it is reasonably necessary to prevent or lessen a serious and imminent threat to the life or health of an individual.

Further information about the law on Dividing Fences can be found on the NSW Department of Communities and Justice website. The NSW Land Registry Services website has information on accessing land title records.